Alan Titchmarsh forced to have knee surgery after gardening took its toll

The TV star is famous for his work on Ground Force and Love Your Garden

Alan Titchmarsh has revealed he was forced to have surgery on his knee because of all the time he spent bending down doing gardening. The 69-year-old - who is famous for TV shows such as Ground Force and Love Your Garden - underwent operations on both knees. "I have had what is known as knee arthroscopy on both my knees and my surgeon did it to investigate the reason for my knee pain," he told The Mirror. "While he was doing it he removed all my damaged tissue and cartilage - I had it all cleared out and they feel so much better."

Alan Titchmarsh has undergone surgery on both his knees

The TV star added: "I've got bad knees as a result of a lot of kneeing over the years from gardening and it has got a bit frayed in there but I am a spring chicken again now." Speaking at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, Alan went on to reveal how his grandchildren are following in his footsteps thanks to their love of the great outdoors. "They are aged six, five, four, and three and they are showing a love of being outside, which is where it starts and I don't like to push too hard in case they go the other way," he shared.

Despite turning 70 next year, Alan recently revealed he has no plans of retiring any time soon. "I don't want to retire as I think you need a sense of purpose and a reason to get up in the morning," he said via Daily Record. "So I'll always be a gardener, I couldn't do without that - it's part of me. I love the writing which is solitary and then I have a balance of the fun and socialising of the TV work. So far, it's a perfect mix."

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